Mass Resignations From Banking, financial sector overall, and government

This information stopped being accumulated in April 2012.  You can extrapolate from there.

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THRIVE Documentary: What On Earth Will It Take?

This powerful and very comprehensive documentary about how do we thrive in this world is actually like a “trailer” for the worldwide Thrive Movement that has arisen from the documentary and years of effort by Foster and Kimberly Gamble.  There are Thrive Movement groups that have been created throughout the world and much notoriety is being brought to topics like individual sovereignty, new energy technology, health solutions, and the fraudulent money system and other financial shennanigans.  Many investors have presented themselves from viewing of this work and many whistleblowers have come forth.  They have conceived the movement to facilitate mass coordinated peaceful action.

Many people have done showings at their homes, at expos, at churches and meetups.  The movie is free now online or available via Youtube.

You can find their website here which has a great deal of information:


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Money represents and energy exchange. We are shaping our world with every exchange of energy including every purchase

If money is not flowing easily and effortlessly from me and to me, am I “financially” healthy?  Do you feel this about money and also about all things in your life?  How does this apply to our relationships with others?

Forms of exchange like money are a sign of what value an individual places on something.  I feel your ideas, or your carpentry, or your art has value to me so I give you some of my hard earned labors to you in exchange for it.  What if I make all my selections with the awareness that I am voting for the world I would like each time I pull out my wallet?

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