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Money is energy and is an expression of goodwill that we exchange for products and services. It is a renewable resource but you should choose wisely how you use and care for it. It is very much a reflection of what you place value, what you feel is important to you. It should be a servant, a tool of creation.


Good video introducing the fraudulent banking system in plain English. Covers Federal Reserve, fractional banking and what these and many other topics mean to you. Advertisements

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Mass Resignations From Banking, financial sector overall, and government This information stopped being accumulated in April 2012.  You can extrapolate from there.

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THRIVE Documentary: What On Earth Will It Take? This powerful and very comprehensive documentary about how do we thrive in this world is actually like a “trailer” for the worldwide Thrive Movement that has arisen from the documentary and years of effort by Foster and Kimberly Gamble.  There … Continue reading

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Money represents and energy exchange. We are shaping our world with every exchange of energy including every purchase

If money is not flowing easily and effortlessly from me and to me, am I “financially” healthy?  Do you feel this about money and also about all things in your life?  How does this apply to our relationships with others? … Continue reading

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