Bill Still’s State of the Union

Bill Still does a great job of doing a reality based version of a 2013 State of the Union.

Note the following article showing the numerous glaring issues of the economy including that even Federal Agencies are informing the workers to prepare for financial problems, to forego non-essential expenditures, with layoffs or extended furloughs being probable starting in April. Add the housing bubble number 2, and massive loss of jobs on top, and the icing of Obamacare destroying businesses and causing additional layoffs and the recipe is largely complete if we to only add in failing banks and monetary currency wars! Oh, we have that as the unaware are mesmerized by the idea of Japan-China going at it militarily instead of realizing this is just the inevitable false war events to hide the financial shennanigans of east vs west – oh yes, Japan is firmly a western stooge still today helping orchestrate the monetary illusions that hold all humanity in the balance.

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